A few web savvy kids have spotted mentions of this new wheel and have been emailing us.

Well, we will be receiving the new M7 wheels within 2 weeks or so.

The M7 front wheel consists of:

G-Sport Marmoset hub (9 oz)
Odyssey 7K-A rim (17.0 oz)
Odyssey brand specialty grade spokes (not the normal ones that come with our current wheels)
36 hole only
Chrome or Hard Anodize Black

This wheel combines one of the strongest and lightest front hubs available with the first 7000 series bmx rim ever offered, which is also lightweight and durable, but you guys already know that since these parts are some of our most popular.

The M7 wheel is ideal for racing and street/trails equally, and most of our team and flow guys are on this wheel or have requested one. It is super-light, I’m talking racing light. It is also super-strong. Feel free to use pegs on this wheel.

The M7 will also come to you in a new redesigned box (pictured above). Not a big deal to you (except that it looks cool and has a handle), but George figured out that by eliminating the negative space that normal square boxes use, we can actually fit more wheels on a shipping pallet and stock them in our warehouse more efficiently, and save waste, thus the enviroment.

Contact your favorite shop for the M7 wheel.