OK here we go.

OK here we go.
It’s finally time to go public with the new site and you are looking at it.

It’s always going to be an ongoing thing adding content and product information but the basics are here. Feel free to wander round and look at everything. The tech columns have migrated over, and as an opening treat there are three new ones to check out. Just follow the “tech” link above… that’s also where you will find the wheel building guide if you are looking for it…

I also wanted to have some product news for the launch of the new site. So after a false start earlier in the year I am delighted to be able to announce that the new Ribcage rim is finally ready, it has passed final quality control, and will be shipping to US shops before the end of March. Supplies for the UK and Europe should be well on their way too.

They now are available in 48H Chrome. Hard Anodised finish and 36’s are on the next shipment.

The price is a little higher than some other rims but this reflects the special material and finishes. The material used is around 20% stronger than even the 7000 series aluminium used for rims. And the hard anodising gives a black finish that performs nearly as well as chrome. Spoke holes are guaranteed not to pull through no matter what…

Final production weights are 482g (1.06lbs) for hard anodised and 525g (1.15lbs) for chrome.

The packaging is pretty cool too. We managed to find a way to use cardboard instead of plastic, this actually gives more protection to the rim during shipping and is better for the environment too.