Evo II Brake

More from Interbike…The brakes should be available in late November if everything stays on schedule. My guess at a retail price is around 35-40 dollars. This is subject to change though.


The natural progression of the original Evolver brake. This revision still allows for a seemingly limitless amount of cable installation options, while remaining equally powerful as a front OR rear wheel brake. The Evo II is built from the original Evolver forging blanks, but it lowers the stack height, lightens the weight, and adds a few new valuable set-up options – like a machined aluminum straddle hanger and pre-cut straddle cable lengths to simplify installation.

You asked for it. We made it.

– Arms are forged prior to machining for strength and durability.
– Flush surfaces with the lowest possible stack height (just under 21 mm)
– Front or rear wheel use
– A-Brake Pads
– Two sets of springs (hard/soft)
– Spring tension indicators
– Modular cable hardware for multiple set-up options
– Pre-cut straddle cable length to simplify installation (regular Evolver knarps/cable lugs also included)
– New straddle hanger
– Black and Limited Editions
– 6.7 ounces (weight includes brake pads and hardware)