The one question we hear everyday has got to be, “Where are the Plegs?”

Now, why isn’t this post on the G-Sport website where it belongs? Only because this is the area that seems to be getting all the questions.

I’ll use this post to try to bring everyone up to speed on where we are right now:

The last year has been loaded with unnecessary delays from the injection factory that we’ve been working with. Sometimes many months would pass between deliveries on the various prototypes, and it took an incredibly long time just to finally get the tooling made to our proper specifications.

A few weeks ago we took an initial order of 100, and everything has been spot-on. However, just as we were getting ready to go to production, we then had the opportunity to move the tooling to a factory that’s working with one of the world’s leading suppliers for the materials that we’re working with (the materials and injector’s experience make all the difference in the world in this application.) So, given this chance, and the promise that it provides us with for future advancements on other new projects, we decided to move our production to the new injection factory. I know someone will say, “Why didn’t you run a production batch from the first factory?” The answer to this can be complicated. In the simplest terms, the parts made in one factory may not be fully interchangeable with the parts from another. Because we want to keep everything standardized, we’d rather have one factory doing it all from the beginning, especially because the fit between the sleeve and its corresponding hardware is very important.

So where does this leave us? We’re testing a batch from the new factory right now. When these are correct, we’ll be moving quickly to production. The good news is that this factory is on-the-ball, and they are working with us at much more rapid pace.

We’ll post more on the availability dates soon.

I recently asked some of our friends and team riders to submit their thoughts on the Plegs. Because of the length, I’ve converted their quotes to images that you can click on below. Some people have asked what the differences or advantages are, and hopefully this will help to give you a better idea.

Thanks for bearing with us on this. It really should be worth it in the long run.