Click below for more pics and info on the V3 Cassette hubs.

The Odyssey V3 Cassette wheels are available now in 48 or 36 Hole, Chrome or Hard Anodize Black (36h only), and with replaceable cogs or a 10t driver (36h only).

V3 Cassette hub. The body on the non-drive side has been adjusted to completely protect the shell from grinds when used with a G-Sport Gland MKIII.

The new updated V3 drivers feature an improved interface between the pawls and the actual driver body for a solid, smoother and more reliable engagement.

V3 Cassette hubs are available in Black, Anodize Red or Anodize Grey in 36 or 48 hole, RHD or LHD and with replaceable cogs or 10t driver (RHD Black or WHITE only).

Also features hollow 14mm axle with 6mm allen wrench ends for easy maintenance, and wide spaced angled flanges to resist spoke damage.