Flickr Group Photo Picks

Mike Aitken by jason.eichhorst

A lot of great photos have been popping up lately in the Odyssey Flickr Group. We decided to pick out some of our recent favorites and share them with you guys.

Above is a photo of Mike Aitken by Skier J (jason.eichhorst). Hit up the jump for more photos and a few video clips (JTML and Jim Bauer).

Mike Aitken No-Hander by christhibo
Raising the roof while already being ridiculously close to the ceiling.
Mike Aitken No-Hander by christhibo.
Chase Hawk by Nuno_Oliveira
Kicked out and past 90.
Chase Hawk by Nuno_Oliveira.
Mike Aitken by brown_town
Mike Aitken does whips?!
Mike Aitken by brown_town.
Mike Aitken by brown_town
Clicked 360 lookback.
Mike Aitken by brown_town.
Fat kid eating my tire by bmxgoalie12
This one doesn’t make any sense but it got me giggling for a while.
Inspired by this photo.
Fat kid eating my tire by bmxgoalie12.
Clear Twisted Pedals by bjwolfebmx
Clear Twisted Pedals by bjwolfebmx.
Thomas Gonzales by Bilbao foto
Whipping it with the Super Retro Odyssey Shirt.
Thomas Gonzales by Bilbao foto.
Chase Hawk by timokane
Air at Parkgate in Vancouver.
Chase Hawk by timokane.
Mike Aitken by jason.eichhorst
Rebel Yell.
Mike Aitken by jason.eichhorst.
Chase Hawk - FISE 2008 by Julien Muguet
Rebel Yell.
Chase Hawk – FISE 2008 by Julien Muguet.