December Flickr Picks

Beringer and Greg
Holga double exposure from the Tanner Mike Aitken Benefit by brown_town

Here’s this month’s picks from the Odyssey Flickr Group. New ones seem to pop up everyday and if you haven’t done so already, feel free to join it. Just make sure to keep the photos Odyssey related and don’t post a bunch of pics that all looks the same. Pick out your favorites and share those. Thanks!

Mike Aitken
A non-sprfls photo of an Aitken lookback.
By russbengtson.
Aaron Ross
Aaron Ross – kicking the feet off and raising the roof.
BMX Bicycle
A BMX Bicycle.
By ZEPHYR (000).
Trail Mix Pedals
Trail Mix Pedals.
By daveraffaphoto.
Carving the pavement.
Carving the pavement.
By leecruickshank.
Alex Magallan and his bike
Alex Magallan and his bike
By AndrewWhite-TN/KS.
By smoovebert.
Cam slapping Beringer?
Cam slapping Beringer?
By jason.eichhorst.
Anto Lille
Anto Lille, gap to wall.
By vincerideshoot.
Lumberjack pad set
Lumberjack pad set, seat and hub.
By RyCon01.
Jamie Bestwick
Jamie Bestwick floating a huge alleyoop invert
By fbmpw.