Plegs and gold Evo II’s

Gold EVO-II\'s
Gold Evo II’s, available now!

White Plegs!
The newest batch of Plegs has arrived!

They’re available in black and white now, but what else has changed? Thanks to your feedback, our own long-term testing, and a total re-design to the injection tooling, the newest Plegs now feature a thicker cross-section at the end to extend their grinding life, and the sleeve’s plastic compound has been tweaked slightly to also improve on their overall durability. The ringing in our ears from the standardized testing hasn’t stopped. Every batch must pass on our “true-to-life” test rig or it is rejected, and this updated version has been spot-on. Also, if you have the original Pleg hardware, then the newest replacement sleeves will work perfectly.

We hope you’ll enjoy the updated Pleg as much as we do. So, let’s get back to riding forbidden skateparks, grinding the ungrindable and putting security guards everwhere a little more at ease (maybe).

We know that Plegs aren’t for everyone (and they were never intended as such), but if you enjoy the benefits that plastic can offer, then you’ll definitely want to pick these up.

Thanks for your interest and support.