Mike Aitken’s custom wheels

These are some custom wheels we built up for Mikey. Everything you see is available now, with the exception of the rims.

RIMS: Hazard Lite, Hard Anodized Royal Blue, Sample
SPOKES: Odyssey, Straight Guage, Stainless
REAR HUB: G-Sport, Ratchet
FRONT HUB: G-Sport, Marmoset

Fit Bike Co. put up a few pictures of Mike Aitken and his new bike earlier this week. To match his frame, we laced up a custom wheelset for him to roll around on. Check it out in the flipbook above (If you want to embed it and customize the width, use the button in the Flash player).

Make sure to visit for the latest updates on Mikey. He turned 26 last week and his condition continues to improve!