Skier Jay Interview

Jason Eichhorst AKA Skier Jay

Nuno and the Defgrip crew just put up an in-depth interview with Skier J. He produces a LOT of work for BMX and in the interview, you can catch him talking about things from how he got his nickname, printing shirts, photography, painting, design and much more. He’s also the man behind the lens of our latest Mike Aitken Ad and some of the wallpapers we’ve offered these past few months (Beringer – Shed, Mike Aitken and Beringer – Jacket).

Oh and as to what Matt Beringer was doing in his latest wallpaper:

Jump onto the shed, land can can, and I guess you could call it a saran wrap barspin driving it with my leg and it kind of turns me around when it spins.  I like tricks that you can’t name because they’re too hard to explain.  I do one of these in my day in the life in Props 69 and also in “I wanna live.” 

Somebody should do this trick in the air and name it something really stupid and take credit for inventing it.