Mike Buff Tribute Bike

This bike is put together by The Bicycle Source and is up for auction to benefit Ride For a Reason, an organization to help raise funds for cancer and Parkinson’s research.

The Bicycle Source is holding a fund raising auction to benefit Ride for a Reason (cancer and Parkinson’s research). The retro PK Ripper replica above has an old school look but has a lot of our new goodies to keep it riding solid.

To place bids on it, CLICK HERE.

The basic back story on the bike is, my name is Steve Blackey and as I was the master mechanic at the world famous Bicycle Source Bike Shop from 1980 through 1986 I used to build and tune most of Buff’s and RL’s bikes in the 80’s and Mike’s ’82 PK Ripper was my favorite bike, It was my first complete build for Mike and I always liked the way the bike looked. It is the inspiration for the tribute bike, the concept I was going for was to build an updated version of the bike with a modern frame/fork and components, bringing old school and current technology together.

Now, for the reason I built this bike, after attending an old school bmx reunion event in 07 where I saw John Crews after so many years and learned he has Parkinson’s, I felt inspired again by my BMX hero to do something to contribute to John’s cause so I thought this bike would be a cool project to do and be a great way to raise some money for his organization. John is a BMX Pro Racer whom I admired and had great respect for back in the early 80’s (and still do), John was sponsored by Redline back in the day when he raced and has owned a bike shop in Folsom California for many years, he also raises money for cancer and Parkinson’s research through his organization Ride For A Reason.