Terry Adams Update

Photo by Marv Watson (Red Bull USA)

We haven’t had a Terry Adams update in a while so to make up for it, here’s a hefty one with photos, video and a list of demos where you can check him out in person!

PHOTO: Red Bull recently put up a gallery full of photos and quotes from Terry. You can check that out by clicking the photo above.

VIDEO: Terry was in Long Beach not too long ago and attended a flatland jam by the harbor. It ended up drawing a lot of attention and the turnout was pretty good. You can watch that footage below.

DEMOS: August Schedule
August 18th- University of south Carolina
August 19th- Clemson University
August 20th- Appalachlan State University
August 21st- University of North Carolina (Charlotte)
August 22nd- North Carolina state University (Raleigh)
August 23rd- University of North Carolina (Chapel hill & Duke University)
August 26th- Dayton Ohio
August 27th- Indiana U/ball state Motorcycles on meridian (IN)
August 28th- Same thing (IN)
August 30th- Michigan state
August 31st University of Michigan
September 1st Wayne state (MI)
September 3rd-4th – Colleges in OKC

As always, you can follow him on Twitter and add him on Facebook. Today’s his birthday so get on it and wish him a good one! Happy Birthday Terry!!!