Quik Slic Kable Info

Since we first showed the Quik Slic kable at Interbike 2010, we have had many questions regarding the product and availability.

For those just learning about the Quik Slic Kable, it is a patent pending, all-in-one, cable design. This means that the cable, cable hanger and straddle cable are all manufactured as one unit. I have the Quik Slic on my bike and I could not be happier. In addition to easy assembly, the braking response is noticeably improved as a result of eliminating the traditional cable “bend” and tightening points that are usually found at a normal straddle hanger.

While the Quik Slic concept is great for aftermarket, it is even better for complete bike OEM use because of its incredible ease of assembly. As it stands, the Quik Slic will work on a lot of frames that are currently on the market, and as result of our conversations with other companies, we are sure that most new frames and complete bikes will also be compatible in the near future.

To run the Quik Slic, you will need:

1. A “traditional” lever with a slotted barrel adjuster.
2. A brake with open ended arms (Odyssey, Fly Bikes, Dia-Tech, Bicycle Union, Proper, Superstar, etc.).
3. A brake boss to cable stop distance of 245mm, +10/-20. (measured from the center of the boss to the center of the cable stop).
4. A split cable guide and a split cable stop (which can often be easily modified if they are closed).

Seeing as this cable will have a fixed length, many people ask about this. The Quik Slic will be available with adequate housing to comfortably spin the bars all-the-way around once.

The Quik Slic will be available soon in both regular Slic Kable® and Linear Slic Kable® versions and they will include two simple adapters (short & long) which can aid in removing any excess housing slop at the barrel adjuster – if it is present.

Bike Companies: Please contact Nuno Oliveira if you’d like a sample or more information on OEM options –