Texas Toast Jam:
The Gauntlet

Enter the Fox's Gauntlet of Death
Gator up across The Peddler's treacherous water pits.
Go up and down the purple teeter.
Balance across a pair of Oakleys.
Wallride your way through Liquor Bikes' martini glass
Monster truck over VClub's pink taco
Test your luck with Credence's Wheel of Misfortune
Take a breather in the shade, you're one third of the way through
Get your hops ready for the G-Sport and Blacken van
Then onto the Quintin hat
After the hat is the Credence and FBM vans
After the vans, you hop into a giant Vans shoe.
One of the deadliest obstacles in the Gauntlet - the Treeter Totter
Make it to the top and then wait for the plank to drop.
Cruise around the berm
Pedal through the LiveStrong wrist band
Enter the vortex of Empire's Curved Wallride
Face the Odyssey Dragon to make it up the Castle
If you've made it this far, congratulations, the only thing left is a little drop to freedom!!!

Texas Toast Jam is almost ready. Here’s a quick through the Gauntlet of Death.