Chase Gouin Update!

Chase Gouin just sent us a fresh batch of photos of him shredding on his bike with the coaster brake. It looks like all the recent medical treatments and help he’s been receiving from the BMX community has been paying off. There’s lots of good things to come so stay tuned!

I am reasonably confident enough to now say that i have made significant improvement in all areas relating to my illnesses. I have practiced for hours at a time for days in a row recently, without any symptoms returning. I hope that this little bit of tentative good news will become a consistent reality for me. I plan on continuing to ride and get most of my basic tricks back, as well as come up with some different variations, both of which I have already done with some success within only one week of my abrupt start to regular practice after nearly 3 years. Hopefully a short video edit will soon follow.

Thanks again for Odyssey’s continued patience and sponsorship. Extra special thanks to everyone who supported me in any way throughout the worst, most frightening and longest illnesses of my life. I didn’t think I would make it, but I had enough people telling me I could that it mentally pushed me to keep trying. I just couldn’t give up knowing that I had dormant ability still waiting to be tapped into. My identity wrapped up with riding, as well as friends and riders, and extensive changes to my life, all came together to save me. I can’t even begin to express my deepest gratitude to all those who donated and organized jams for my benefit.

I would love to travel and meet some of the people who donated and or just practice with riders when I feel stable and confident enough to do so. I also have my 5 year U.S Border waiver so I can go to the States freely. I look forward to seeing any of you out there, as I hope to still have many years of health and Riding progression ahead of me.

The “Spy-Door Man” photo in the “web/netting” [below] at the park represents wandering the recesses of our minds, looking through different windows or doors, using what i refer to as Multiple Perspective Analysis, which is something I’ve always felt important to do. Stepping out of our engrained belief system comfort zones to critically examine ourselves and the world around us, being open to new evidence, even if it doesn’t “mesh” with what we thought was the truth, thus improving/expanding our world views.

Thank you all!