J.F. Boulianne:
Video Bike Check

We shot this video a couple weeks after our Texas Toast Jam. JF hopped in the van with us on the way back to California and ended up spending quite a bit of time out here. If you’re ever driving down PCH near Zuma beach, keep your eyes peeled on the parking lots by the coast. You might just catch a heavy flatland sesh going down.

JF’s home in Montreal now and nursing some cracked ribs. Once he heals up though, it’s a guaranteed bet he’ll be hitting the road again. In the mean time, here’s his bike check along with a couple clips. Enjoy :)

FRAME: Flatware Waltz
FORK: Flatware Zero Offset
BARS: Flatware Hobby Bar, 6° Backsweep
GRIPS: Flatware Cufflink
STEM: Flatware
HEADSET: Odyssey Sealed
TIRES: Odyssey Frequency G, K-Lyte, 1.85″
RIMS: Odyssey Aerospace, 36-H
HUB (F): Flatware Vandero 2
HUB (R): Ares Boo Freecoaster, 9t
SPROCKET: Flatware Rhode Island, 22t
CRANKS: Odyssey Thunderbolt, Socket Drive, 160mm
PEDALS: Ares Bykes
SEAT: Odyssey 99er, Modified
SEAT CLAMP: Odyssey Mr. Clampy Too
PEGS: Sequence (F) and Plastic (R)