Available Now:
Socket Drive Thunderbolts & Killington Sprocket

Our Socket Drive interface system has been in use on our Flatware cranks since their inception, and it was only a matter of time before the system was adapted into our Thunderbolt cranks. The time has come.

In a nutshell, the Socket Drive™ system is a 9 sided interface which eliminates the need for a sprocket bolt. The sprocket itself is machined so there is no need for a sprocket insert of any kind. The two work great together. The interface is solid and reliable, so we are now offer the Killington sprocket to match.

Thunderbolt cranks with Socket Drive™

  • 175mm only
  • RHD only
  • Black only

Killington sprocket with Socket Drive™

  • 25t or 28t
  • 7075 aluminum
  • Black only

Thunderbolt and Killington sold separately. Hit up your local bike shops or favorite mail-orders to upgrade your drive train today.

Socket Drive™ is a royalty-free interface. Please download the spec sheet for dimensions and tolerancing specifications here to produce your own Socket Drive™ sprockets.