Antipodes Trip

The Antipodes trip is officially over but the crew decided to stay a bit longer to explore Tasmania and go to Ayers Rock. It was a crazy 70 hour drive filled with semi-trucks tipping over and kangaroos running across the road. They found some spots along the way and collected extra footage.

Below is a funny video from their trip. I actually caught myself saying, “ooohhhh noooo” when the Koala fell. Haha, enjoy!

Every week, Max and I had to realise a challenge for the internet fans. The last one was to ride with a kangaroo. We didn’t find a Kangaroo that was keen to ride with us but we sorted a way out (watch the video above)…

Also, Hadrien Picard made a post on his website with the best Instagram shots of the trip.

I still have a week to go in Australia. A french TV production is coming over to follow us in the last week so it should be good!

After that I fly to San Diego! Yeeew!

Have a good day!