Product Video:
Socket Drive™ System

Watch as Jim Bauer walks you through the installation process for our Socket Drive™ Thunderbolt cranks and corresponding sprocket.

For those who might be unfamiliar… In a nutshell, the Socket Drive™ system is a 9 sided interface which eliminates the need for a sprocket bolt. The sprocket itself is machined so there is no need for a sprocket insert of any kind. The two work great together. In addition to OUR OWN sprocket offerings, other BMX brands have released Socket Drive™ compatible sprockets as well.

Thunderbolt with Socket Drive™


  • Laboratory tested and team proven
  • Updated open-ended spindle cap
  • New wedge cluster band with greater flexibility
  • Never-Wobble™ crank arm and spindle interface guarantee
  • 41-Thermal® lifetime replacement warranty against bending, cracking and breaking


  • Socket Drive™ sprocket interface
  • 22mm spindle
  • 175mm only
  • RHD only
  • Black only