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Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last two years, chances are likely that you already know a lot about the PLEGS. To sum it up, they are simple, cheap, light and STRUCTURAL plastic pegs. They aren’t magic. They won’t pull the chicks in or make you invincible…

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Spokes and Nipples

Another product we showed at Interbike was our new spokes and taper hex nipples for 2008…

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Ratchet Hub Basics

This is the new Ratchet Hub, launching early in 2008… hopefully…

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Back From Interbike

Finally got back from Interbike in Las Vegas on Thursday night after driving and flying for the best part of 24 hours… It is great to see everyone and catch up, but those long haul flights aren’t a lot of fun…

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It’s finally here. The answer to ALL your hopes and dreams. The new smaller, lighter GLAND with bigger cable-tie-holes and BOBBLES!

Because GLANDs fix to, (and rotate with) the wheel they can use the very spokes they protect to help support them. This also means that they dont effect the dropout spacing or put any load on your hub axle. And because they are plastic they slide faster and are lighter too.

The BOBBLES! help to take some of the load off the cable-ties and keep the GLAND central, whilst still allowing the guard to fit virtually any hub, with any lacing pattern, front or rear.

And at just $11 they are probably the cheapest as well.

These have actually been available in Australia and some other countries for a while, but they are now in the Odyssey warehouse ready to ship to distributors, so North Americans should be able to satisfy their needs within a few weeks, and the rest of the world wont be far behind…


First news of 2007, but what news!

On Saturday the 10th February, my girlfriend gave birth to our gorgeous baby girl Aurigny. (Yes we had to ask her her name a few times before we were sure how to pronounce it too… it’s Oar-e-knee).

Volcano Bolts!!

Another three post frenzy… you lucky lucky people…
Don’t worry these bolts aren’t really volcanos… or are they?!?!?

No. they arent…

What they are are smooth low profile bolts for the Marmoset and Monkey hubs if you aren’t planning on using pegs.
6mm allen key sockets, slightly shorter than regular bolts to save that all important weight (about half an ounce per bolt) and with a big head to allow use in 14mm dropouts (with a suitable converter).

Sold as singles.

Should be available early in 2007.

New T-Shirt design

With winter rapidly closing in here in Sheffield you have two choices… make a run for the sun like Mike and Joe, or put on some warmer clothes and put up with it…. So obviously this is the ideal time of year to bring out a new T-Shirt…. 100% cotton.

Marmoset and Monkey Bolts

This is something I have been asked for for many years. Custom Monkey and Marmoset bolts. Same length and thread as the old stock Monkey and Marmoset 3/8″ bolts but with a head to take a 17mm socket (rather than the old 9/16″). This allows you to use the same socket you use for your cassette hub.

But there is more. We also broached the centre for a 6mm Allen Key.

These will be available soon as spares and will eventually come stock on new hubs sometime in 2007.

OK. Three new entries in one day is my limit….

Pleg Preview

Well this website has been up for a while with pegs listed under the product section, and this is what we have been working on all that time.

As some people may already know, I have been running “plastic” pegs on my own bike for about the last 6 years now, ever since I put a steel peg through the side of my hand and had to have an operation to fix it.

Plastic pegs have a lot of advantages, they slide faster than steel, titanium or aluminium on any surface. They dont damage coping (so they should help bikers get access to some parks). They are less likely to kill you if they hit you in the back of the head. And of course they are massively lighter.

The Pleg uses a special steel insert that reinforces the end of the Pleg and provides a solid engagement on the dropout, and a replaceable “plastic” sleeve that is cheap and simple to change.

Weight is around 4ounces (112g) per peg, which is about half the weight of a typical steel peg and lighter than most titanium pegs too.

Plegs are the standard 4 inch (100mm) length but are slightly fatter than normal pegs at 42mm (a typical steel peg is 38mm). This extra thickness covers more of the dropout so you ONLY grind Pleg not frame, and helps the pleg get over skate stoppers ….
That’s right, we can actually grind skate-stoppered aluminium rails… and since they wont cause any real damage you dont even need to feel guilty about it.

With Plegs you can look at your streets in a whole new way. Rough concrete ledges, aluminium rails, rails with skate stoppers, wood, pretty much anything is now ridable.

So to the obvious question. Wear.
Yes, Plegs do wear out quicker than steel pegs, but who wants to cart around half a pound of steel you will never use? With normal use a set of Plegs will last a good year or more and when the sleeves get really heavily worn you can simply replace them.

Hopefully these will be available in early 2007.