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GLAND 3 Preview

Wham! Just two days since the last entry and here we are back with more!

We showed these babies off at Interbike so it seemed a good time to let everyone get a quick preview of the new GLAND3.

Smaller than the old GLAND but with much bigger cable tie slots and “bobbles” on the inside face which keep the GLAND from slipping about on the wheel and so reduce the stress on the cable ties.

This picture gives you some idea how they compare to the old ones for size:-

We are still in final testing but are shooting for a launch early in 2007.
More To Follow.

Red Marmosets Now Shipping


Less than a month has passed since the last entry (and I have been away for 3 weeks of it) and already we have a new Blog entry!!!!

The long awaited RED Marmosets are now shipping to shops along with the Greys that arrived earlier on. So now anyone can recreate this moving scene of a Red and Grey Marmoset mating…


Again, I suck.

Well over a month since the last post, but hey I am slowly getting quicker. Bear with me, and by the end of the decade I might be posting every week…

Anyway, check out this little beauty. This is the new Macadamia Ribcage Rim. It’s a sort of rich chocolatey brown. This is an extra thick version of the hard anodising process we use. As the coating gets thicker it also gets harder so if you want to run brakes then this is for you…. or maybe you just love the funky colour.

These are shipping to US shops NOW so get your order in quick. These are NOT limited edition, this should be a stock option, but that doesnt mean you shouldnt rush out and buy them right now….

I am off to the Interbike show next week. If you are going, then please stop by the Odyssey stand and say hi. We should have lots of cool new stuff to check out…. Soon after we should be able to put some of it up on here for everyone else to check out. So look back in here at the end of the month.


Man Updates Website… Grey Marmosets Ship

Hmmmm…. No entries for a while… better think of an excuse… Something about a dog.. no, better still a lion… OK a huge Lion has been sitting on my chest for the last 9 weeks. This Lion was absolutely adamant that I would not post another blog entry until the Grey Marmosets were available.. Luckily after 8 weeks surviving on nothing but Lion wee and the odd parasite I could pull from his fur with my teeth (I prudently bought sandwiches for the first week) Nuno came through with the good news…

THE GREY MARMOSETS ARE HERE!!!. The Lion placed his order and left so now I am free to use my arms and post this up. So before anyone gives me a hard time for taking so long to post, bear in mind that I am typing this with my eyelids as my withered arms hang uselessly by my sides before going for help, food and medical attention….

Grey Marmosets are shipping to USA shops right now. Other countries need to check with your distributor or shop. Price should be the same as for a plain boring (but stealthy) black one.

Lots of Love.

I promise to try to be better at updating the blog.
I promise to try to be better at updating the blog.
I promise to try to be better at updating the blog.
I promise to try to be better at updating the blog.
I promise to try to be better at update..


On your marks. Get set. GO!

The other ribcages have finally landed.
Chrome 48s have now been joined by the hard anodised black and natural options in 48 AND 36 hole drilling, and to complete the range the chrome 36’s are hiding in there too. So whatever your ribcage desires, they can now be fullfilled!

Shipping out to distributors and the more discerning shops in the next week or so.

The “Natural” option is kind of a greenish grey hard anodising but is a strictly limited edition, just as hard and long lasting as the black, but a different colour!
When they are gone they are gone so don’t come crying to me if you leave it too late. Order them now to avoid disappointment.

But dont neglect the black and chrome either, they have feelings too you know! Best buy two of each to be safe….

Pretty Colours !!!

What happens if you take the world’s cutest front hub and anodise it a pretty colour? This….

These Marmosets should be available as a limited edition run sometime around the middle of next month. We call the colours “catamenia-berry” and “steelium-bolloxide”….. Actually no. We just call them Red and Grey, and we suggest you do too….

M7 Wheel in Shops

I am pretty excited because after 12 years the first wheel incorporating a G-Sport hub is finally in shops.

The M7 wheel is a stock front wheel, built to the highest possible standards. Based around the legendary Marmoset 36 hole front hub, into a proven Odyssey 7ka rim with Odyssey’s new top quality spokes.

Now you can get the same wheel that most of the Odyssey team use and love from any bike shop without the wait for a custom wheel build. You can also be sure that thanks to the custom box it will arrive safe and sound and will have used less of the world’s resources to get there.

OK here we go.

OK here we go.
It’s finally time to go public with the new site and you are looking at it.

It’s always going to be an ongoing thing adding content and product information but the basics are here. Feel free to wander round and look at everything. The tech columns have migrated over, and as an opening treat there are three new ones to check out. Just follow the “tech” link above… that’s also where you will find the wheel building guide if you are looking for it…

I also wanted to have some product news for the launch of the new site. So after a false start earlier in the year I am delighted to be able to announce that the new Ribcage rim is finally ready, it has passed final quality control, and will be shipping to US shops before the end of March. Supplies for the UK and Europe should be well on their way too.

They now are available in 48H Chrome. Hard Anodised finish and 36’s are on the next shipment.

The price is a little higher than some other rims but this reflects the special material and finishes. The material used is around 20% stronger than even the 7000 series aluminium used for rims. And the hard anodising gives a black finish that performs nearly as well as chrome. Spoke holes are guaranteed not to pull through no matter what…

Final production weights are 482g (1.06lbs) for hard anodised and 525g (1.15lbs) for chrome.

The packaging is pretty cool too. We managed to find a way to use cardboard instead of plastic, this actually gives more protection to the rim during shipping and is better for the environment too.

Wheel Fiddling

*This article first appeared in Ride UK (#91) and is reproduced here by kind permission of Ride UK.

This month I want to continue where I left off last time. If you remember I had just finished assembling the worlds most garish wheel, a lovely little rear 48, laced 4 cross and interlaced under the third. But there is a lot more to wheel building than just putting the parts together in the right order. Wheels are very simple, they may look a bit complex, but like all the best ideas they have been with us so long because they are simple and work. Unlike the Government (which seems to think that it makes more sense to continue to pour money into a disastrous policy of smashing apart the very building blocks of the universe to get energy rather than make a small effort to pioneer profitable technology to harvest some of the freely available energy around us in the waves, wind and sun) we can make the most of this simple technology by putting in just a little more effort.

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Chain Tension

*This article first appeared in Ride UK (#88) and is reproduced here by kind permission of Ride UK.

This month’s tech column is going to be about chain tension. But before I get on to that I should probably ramble on about something pretty much unrelated for a while. In this case I want to get you to take a minute to think just how awesome bicycles are. I was awestruck the other day watching the aftermath of the London tube and bus bombs. People were talking about their fear of getting back on the underground but saying they had no option… No option!?!? It’s the middle of summer the tube network only extends about 8 miles from the centre of London anyway and London is virtually flat. Why not get on a damn bike?! Do you know what the statistics for terrorists bombings of bicycles are? I had dreams of seeing the roads of London suddenly full of cyclists cruising down the empty bus lanes, saving their tube-fare and getting some much needed exercise… Sadly it never happened. But remember that that bike of yours can do more than just tricks.

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