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Tom Perry:
Bike Check

FRAME: Fit Aitken s4, 20.5″ TT
BARS: Odyssey Lumberjack
GRIPS: Fit Tech
BAR ENDS: Odyssey Par Ends
STEM: Odyssey Lincoln
HEADSET: Odyssey Sealed
FORKS: Odyssey R25
SPROCKET: Odyssey MDS, 27t
CRANKS: Odyssey Thunderbolt, 175mm
CHAIN: Odyssey Bluebird
TIRE (F): Odyssey Aitken, 2.25″
RIM (F): Odyssey Hazard Lite
HUB (F): Odyssey Vandero 2
TIRE (R): Odyssey Path, 2.1″
WHEEL (R): Revenge Freecoaster, Prototype
SEAT: Odyssey Aitken
SEAT POST: Fit Stump
SEAT GUTS: Odyssey Convertible

Fit Tech grips w/Odyssey Par Ends
Odyssey Lumberjack bars
Odyssey Lincoln stem
Odyssey Aitken saddle
Fit Stump post w/Odyssey Convertible guts
Odyssey Thunderbolt cranks
Odyssey Million Dollar Sprocket and Bluebird chain

Tom Perry just sent us a fresh batch of photos of his current bike. Click around the flipbook above to check it out!

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Mat Houck:
Bike Check

FRAME: Mutiny Cosmotron V3, 21.2″ TT
FORK: Mutiny Wand V2, prototypes
BARS: Mutiny Glamroids
STEM: Mutiny Lifted
HEADSET: Odyssey Sealed
GRIPS: Mutiny Team
TIRE (F): Odyssey Aitken, 2.25″
TIRE (R): Odyssey Path, 2.1″
RIMS: Odyssey Hazard Lite, 36h
HUB (F): Odyssey Vandero 2
HUB (R): Odyssey V3 Cassette, 9t
SPROCKET: Mutiny Ethereal, 28t
CRANKS: Mutiny Cinch, 175mm, prototype
PEDALS: Odyssey Twisted PC
SEAT: Mutiny Mid
SEAT CLAMP: Integrated

Mutiny Cosmotron V3
Mutiny Wand V2 fork
Mutiny Ethereal Sprocket, 28t
Odyssey Path tire
Mutiny Cinch Cranks, 175mm (prototype)
Odyssey Vandero 2 hub
V3 Cassette hub
Twisted PC pedals

Mat Houck caught our eye a while ago with videos like this one and winning the world’s longest ice pick at the Texas Toast Jam, taking home a toaster filled with cash. It’s hard to stand out in a BMX mecca like Austin, but Matt does just that. With guys like Aaron Ross, Tom Dugan, and George Boyd pulling for you, stepping onto our flow team was natural.

To kick things off, here’s his first bike check with us. Click around the flipbook above to get a closer look. Stay tuned because we’re sure you’ll be seeing plenty more of him…

Photos by Walter Pieringer.

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Gary Young:
Bike Check

Head over to Ride BMX for a full parts list and a little Q&A with Gary. He’s running some prototype parts that you guys might be interested in checking out…

Matt Beringer:
Bike Check

Matt’s bike has a lot of custom mods on it that makes it his own. Head over to for the full scoop.

Tom Dugan:
Bike Check

Tom just got a new bike and his house just got a new pair of sunglasses.
Brought to you by Fit.

Chase Hawk:
Bike Check

FORK: Odyssey R32
BARS: Cult
STEM: Odyssey Tomahawk
HEADSET: Odyssey Sealed
CRANKS: Odyssey Thunderbolt, 175mm LHD
PEDALS: Odyssey Twisted PC
SPROCKET: Odyssey C-512, 30t
CHAIN: Odyssey Bluebird
SEAT: Odyssey Aitken, Pivotal
TIRE (F): Odyssey Aitken, K-Lyte
TIRE (R): Odyssey Path, K-Lyte
RIMS: G-Sport Birdcage
HUB (F): Vandero 2
HUB (R): V3 Cassette, 9t LHD

Odyssey Tomahawk Stem (Watch the Video)
Odyssey Tomahawk Stem (Watch the Video)
Odyssey Tomahawk Stem (Watch the Video)
Odyssey Thunderbolt Cranks and Twisted PC Pedals
Odyssey Aitken Saddle
Odyssey C-512 Sprocket

Want to know what Chase Hawk is running these days?
Click around the flipbook to find out.
Photos by Devon Hutchins.

Chase’s signature Tomahawk stem is also available now.
Click HERE to watch the video & all the details.

Aitken 2.35 Knobby

click to enlarge

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As per Mike Aitken’s request, his knobby tire is now available in a bigger 20X2.35 size. Sounds wild I know, but it works! Click below for a comparison with the original 20×2.125 size.

Black w/ Tanwall and White w/ Tanwall coming soon!

USA dealers please contact QBP, SBS, Custom Cycle, J&B or Full Factory Distribution.

International dealers please hit up our distro page.

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George Boyd:
Bike Check

Check out George Boyd‘s new ride over at Mutiny!

Mike Aitken:
Bike Check

Mikey’s got a new whip!

Broc Raiford:
Bike Check

FRAME: Colony Teddy V2, 21″
FORK: Odyssey R32
BAR: S&M Hoder
GRIP: Flatware Cufflinks
STEM: Odyssey Tomahawk
HEADSET: Odyssey
TIRE (F): Odyssey Aitken, P-Lyte, 2.25″
RIM (F): G-Sport Rollcage
HUB (F): G-Sport Marmoset
TIRE (R): Odyssey Path, K-Lyte, 2.1″
RIM (R): G-Sport Rollcage
HUB (R): G-Sport Ratchet, 9T
HUB GUARD: G-Sport Ratchet Guard
CRANKS: Odyssey Thunderbolt, 175mm
PEDALS: Odyssey Twisted PC
SPROCKET: Colony 28T
CHAIN: Shadow Halflink
SEAT: Odyssey Aitken, Pivotal
SEAT-POST: Pivotal
SEAT-CLAMP: Integrated
PEGS: Odyssey Joystick

Aitken Pivotal Saddle
Aitken Tire, P-Lyte
Twisted PC Pedals
Thunderbolt Cranks
Tomahawk Stem
Flatware Cufflink Grips
G-Sport Marmoset Hub & Joysticks Peg
G-Sport Ratchet Guard and Joysticks Peg
R32 Forks running flush with our Joysticks peg

Broc stopped by the office recently to put together a slick new ride. He’s fully recovered from his injuries now so expect some great stuff from him soon!

In case you missed his last Colony edit, click HERE to watch it.
Thanks to Fat Tony for shooting these pics!