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Welcome to the Team:
Broc Raiford

Broc Raiford’s a Louisiana youngin’ that’s sure to make some big moves in 2012. After meeting him at Texas Toast last year, his great attitude and natural talent earned him a spot on the team. This ODSY Vision marks Broc’s inaugural video part with us and he definitely delivered. Watch it above and then give him a quick shout on twitter @brocafloka.

Special thanks to Jon Rogers, Andrew Sanford, Chase Frickey and Brandon Gauthreaux for helping push the record button and hanging out!

Broc Raiford update

We’ve been in Louisiana these past few days filming with Broc Raiford and so far so good. Here’s a quick flick from yesterday’s trip to Baton Rouge of Broc fast planting over his buddy Brandon. Shout out to Jon Rogers for showing us around and helping get some extra angles. Stay tuned for more…