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Twombolt info and instructions

Twombolt Instruction Manual
Download the Full Manual (PDF – 762kb)

Our update to the Wombolt crankset is on its way to shops and distributors. Twombolts (Two+Wombolt) are available now in fluorescent red, white and black. We have RHD-175 at the moment, with LHD and other sizes following soon.

The new features for the crank are as follows:
Updated mating arm lug for improved fit and increased durability.
All-new cluster design that optimizes the arm’s interface, simplifies assembly, and makes use of a durable AND replaceable elastic retainer band.
Greatly improved overall function and performance proven both in the lab and during extensive long-term riding.
2 lbs. 2.5 oz. / 978g (with Mid BB). 1 lb. 13.5 oz. / 836g (without BB).

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K-Lyte folding tires are in!

This is weird. A Terry contest post below a new product post (rubber one at that), same as yesterday.

Anyway, the K-Lyte tires are now in stock, and shipping to distributors as we speak.

K-Lyte is the foldable kevlar beaded version of the already light P-Lyte tire series. P-Lyte ply and kevlar Beads make super light, durable tires.

Aitken “street” in 2.25 (biggest tire available) and 1.90
Aitken “knobby” in 2.125
Path in 2.1 and 1.85
Dirt Path in 1.85 and 2.2
Frequency G in 1.85 and 1.75

Contact your local shop or mailorder for more info.

Terry in Mexico. With evidence.

Wow, how did Terry have time to get from Germany to Mexico so fast? Wild.

View them through these links ( Part One | Part Two ) or after the jump. Edited by Chad Shack

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Terry is a Master.

Terry Adams, all over the world at every contest, never not making the podium.

2008 Masters in Germany. 3rd place behind Sam Foakes and Adam Kun.

More media here, here and here.

New Aitken seats are in!

Speaking of Aitken, the new Nightwolf and Denim Red saddles have arrived at our warehouse, and they are looking niiiiiice.

The Nightwolf saddles are available in the two colorways shown, Grey and Blue/lavender fade. The NEW Denim version is a “reverse” black denim (opposite side of regular black denim), which looks like a light greyish and has red stiching. You may have seen it on Chase Hawk’s bike, as they were his idea.

Contact your local shop or mailorder for more info.

Props 69

The new Props showed up yesterday, just in time for some good lunchtime viewing.

The new issue features Terry Adams on the cover, as well as Matt Beringer on the back cover. On the inside, Terry has an interview, and Matt has a “day in the life” piece.

Check the trailer HERE. Peep Terry’s wild peg to pedal move. Lots of good stuff. Pick it up.