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Senior 2 Pivotal Saddles

Same shape as the Senior 2 but with Pivotal guts. The two versions include: Padded (like railed Senior 2) and Plastic Only. No need to strip a seat of its padding to find a crappy shell. This seat was made to be a raw plastic seat from the get go. If you get the padded version, you can strip that to find the same plastic shell underneath. It’s like two seats in one.

» Black
» White
» Red
» Brown
» Clear (Plastic Only)


Top 5’s with Chase Hawk

Chase Hawk Top 5\'s just posted a Top 5’s feature with Chase Hawk. Click the photo to check it out.


catty woods from janis on Vimeo.

Our boys at Catty trails need some help keeping their scene going. You can read all about it on PA Woods.

Odyssey will be flowing some goods for the contest to raise some money. If you can make it down, please do (you will have fun too).

Chase hawk even put in a call. Spread the word.



Odyssey will be sponsoring the Skogas Bmx Jam in Stockholm Sweden. Hit that up if possible.

Click below for the full flyer.

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The blog of Taj

The blog of Taj
Taj Mihelich started blogging over at and each blog so far has been an interesting read. Spectacular doodles, such as the monkey crack zombie above, have been accompanying each post.

My bookmark list just got longer.



The FBM Battle at the Belmar is going down this weekend. We threw down a shopping cart full of Odyssey goods, so hit up the comp for a chance to win some stuff.

Maybe BF will blast out in some sweet racing outfit again.


Taj has a bikecheck up on the DIG BMX site.


Aaron Ross left over footage.

New Taj Photos

Taj Mihelich - Grizz
Photos by Dave Reuss
There are some new photos of Taj in the photo gallery. Feel free to either check it out there or here. View More V2.0 V2.0

In case you didn’t notice, we have a new website. It’s a bit different than most but after a visit or two, you’ll find that it is still fairly easy to navigate. There are subtle features here and there (which may get over-looked) so here’s a quick breakdown of things. View More