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Chrome Thunderbolt+ Cranks
Available Now

Our Thunderbolt+ Cranks are available now in RHD or LHD and in 170mm and 175mm sizes. Hit up your local shop, favorite mail-order, or our online store to upgrade.

As always, Thunderbolt+ Cranks come stock with our 22mm Mid BB and our legendary 41-Thermal Lifetime Warranty!


  • Proven 41-Thermal® processed 4130 chromoly
  • Legendary lifetime replacement warranty
  • Laboratory tested and team proven
  • Traditional sprocket interface
  • Updated open-ended spindle cap
  • New wedge cluster band with greater flexibility
  • Never-Wobble™ crank arm and spindle interface guarantee
  • Odyssey 22mm Mid BB and spacers included

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Enter to Win!

Win a pair of chrome Hazard Lite rims, Evo 2 brakes, a Monolever and a Linear Slic Kable!

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Laser shots

Smiling Steve (Kennedy) from the Give D! crew sent us a pic of his new bicycle today and had this to say about his Lumberjacks:

The bars feel amazing and they got that chrome finish that shoots lazers into the eyes of my enemies[!]

He didn’t actually put the exclamation mark at the end but I imagined him screaming it when I read it. In other Steve news, he’ll be moving into a house in North County San Diego with Steve Kerr and other riders within the next couple of weeks. I’m sure that means we’ll be seeing more and more of him in upcoming Give D! edits.

Sittin’ on Chrome!!!

I took a look at the web today and it seems by bike is all over the place, and that’s weird. I guess this little shout out goes to the 3 pages on BG and the name mention on SPRFLS. I am going to take a minute here to answer the questions I have seen and to straighten out all of the inaccuracies that are floating around. Hope this helps.-ben

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