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Cowbell Challenge
Ride BMX Video

Here’s some video coverage from Ride BMX of the Credence Bikes’ Cowbell Challenge. Aside from all the steezy whips, Leland’s announcing of this makes it a fun watch. Shout out again to Matty Aquizap. Hopefully we’ll all be hearing his name more soon ’cause the dude’s a shredder.

Credence Bikes’ Cowbell Challenge

2013 Texas Toast Creedence Cow Bell High Air

Photo from Ride BMX

Another mini-event we had at #TexasToast2013 was Credence Bikes‘ cow bell challenge. It gives a new twist to the traditional high air contest on dirt. Not only do riders have to blast high enough to reach the bell, they have to get steezy and ding that sucker too. Matty Aquizap showed everyone how it’s done and took home the win!