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Chase Hawk:
By the Numbers

Chase Hawk

Click on over to Defgrip for their latest installment of By The Numbers. He shares some interesting stories and drops some words of wisdom.

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Defgrip Gallery

Watch for Flying Bikes

Photo from Defgrip

Defgrip has a fresh batch of photos up from TexasToast2013. Clickety click on over.

Gary Young:
By The Numbers

Gary’s the latest dude up to bat for Defgrip’s By The Numbers series. Click on over to check it out.

Also, first person to supply us with a photo of this gets a digital hi-five:

I have a pretty sweet parrot costume that is made for someone about 6 inches shorter than me, so when I wear it, it rides up and gives me a pretty mean melvin (Front wedgie).

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Walter Q&A on Defgrip

Hit up Defgrip for an insightful and well articulated Q&A with Walter Pieringer conducted by Brian Yeagle.

Available Now:
Holiday 2012 Softgoods

Our Holiday 2012 Softgoods line is available NOW. Check out our lookbook over at Defgrip. Then hit up your local shops, mail-orders and our online store to get some new clothes! The full line is also available at Dan’s Comp!

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Texas Toast Jam:
Assorted Facts & Photos

Click on over to Defgrip for a fresh batch of photos that Nuno snapped and a list of random trivia from the event. The bits about Tony Cordona are my favorites.

15 – Tony Cardona (well into party mode) launched out of the S&M shield quarter (in the dirt course), over the barbed wire fence and into the neighboring street. From what I could tell, he pulled it just fine and rode away with middle finger in the air. It was pretty awesome and wild.

Team Retreat:
Palm Springs MMXII

Video Premiere

Head over to DEFGRIP to check out our ODSY Vision Premiere. Make sure to grab some popcorn or a snack of some sort ’cause this one’s long and good. We flew the entire team to Palm Springs for a little over a week to hang out and do a little bit of bike riding. Enjoy :)

Palm Springs Gallery

Hit up Defgrip for a chill batch of photos of our team relaxing and hanging out in Palm Springs.

Chase Hawk

Defgrip re-upped their Chase Hawk / Oakley promo from last year. Watch it now if you haven’t done so already.


Have you guys seen the new Empire Trailer over at Defgrip? Chase Hawk, Aaron Ross and Tom Dugan all have some gnarly wrecks in it and you can tell they’ve been putting in some serious time and effort into having dialed sections. Mark your calendars – 11/11/11 is the new Rapture.