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Jim Bauer
Josh Betley

Here’s the latest Electronical upload, featuring Jim Bauer and Josh Betley. The reactions on the opening and ending clips are pretty rad, same goes for all the stuff in between.


Here’s the latest upload from Electronical. It’s the Friend’s section so there’s plenty of cameos.

Chase Gouin

Chase Gouin’s part in Electronical is located in the bonus DVD so a lot of people may have missed it. Now, through the powers of the internet, you can watch it above.

Chase also has a Flatware frame in the works and if this 2008 bike check is any indication of how it’s going to turn out, you know it’s going to be one of the most dialed and thought out frames ever created. Also, while trying to hunt down that bike check, I came across this 2005 interview of Chase at BMX Freestyler. Though it’s over 3 years old, it still stands as a fascinating read.

EDIT: I accidentally put up the wrong link for the interview. The right one is up now.

Adam Banton Wallpaper & Electronical section



Here’s Adam’s section in Electronical. Front and rear stoppies in full effect, along with plenty of sliders and front wheel action.

KC Badger
Brandon Turner

Here’s the latest Electronical upload and it’s KC Badger’s and Brandon Turner’s split section. It has a little bit of everything for everyone; trails, street, pools and parks.

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Jimmy Levan

Here’s JTML’s part in Electronical. At the moment, he’s down in Louisville taking care of business for Metal. He’s not back on the bike yet but some rehab and physical therapy is putting him on track. Hopefully he’ll be back to 100% soon.

If you’re wondering what the song is, it’s “Going Underground” by The Jam.

Taj Mihelich

This section actually doesn’t come until later in the DVD but its upload got expedited. If you visit Taj’s Blog, you’ll find every single video part he’s ever had, including some that he recently uploaded himself. His Electronical part is the latest one on the list and in it, you’ll find him shredding two incredibly awesome places; an old high school out in Kansas and the T-1 ramp in Austin.

Matt Beringer

“It was something I had to do, man.”

Gary Young

The first rider section in Electronical belongs to Gary Young and it’s packed with some highly ridiculous moves, smooth style and a couple wild gaps mixed in for good measure. Watch his part above and discover that everything looks better with a Gary Young table thrown in.

When you’re done watching, check out his sweet BMW M Coupe in a BMX vs. Cars feature that Fudger put together over at the Ride website. He’s somewhere in the middle.


Over the course of the following weeks, Electronical will be making its official internet debut! Sections will be loaded into our TV and HD downloads will be available on our site. The first one up is the intro section and since it’s short, we’ll be putting another section up later this week.

As always, you can take these videos to your internet abode and this time around, you can even choose the size of the player to fit your blog, website or profile! Select the “LATEST” embed option to get a player that’s automatically updated latest video.