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10 Year Anniversary

On this date 10 years ago, we premiered the Odyssey Electronical video in Los Angeles. We’ve uploaded the full video in case you’ve never seen it, or just want to watch it again. Shoutout to everyone who made this project come to life.

Make sure to also check out Dig’s Remembering Electronical Feature for an extra ride down memory lane.

Remembering Electronical


DIG BMX has a rad feature on our 2008 Electronical video up, along with the FULL video for your viewing pleasure. We’re sure a lot of you haven’t seen it. Go HERE to check it out.

Shoutout to everyone involved in making Electronical happen. #30yrODYSSEY

[RE-UP] Mike Aitken:

Today is Aitken’s birthday and to celebrate, we’re re-upping his section from Electronical!

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[RE UP] Aaron Ross Electronical Video Part


The Bossman circa 2008.

Mike Aitken’s Electronical Part

…cuz Mikey is the man.

Aaron Ross

Here’s the last full part in Electronical and it deservedly belongs to Mr. Aaron Ross. This part is nearing a couple years old now but there’s still a handful of absurd combos in it that have yet to be replicated.

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Chase Hawk

Here’s the latest Electronical upload featuring Chase Hawk! From street to trails to ramps, Chase can shred them all with an effortless style that’s impossible to match.

If you’re on your iPhone, watch it here.

Jim C!

Here’s the latest Electronical upload, featuring Jim Cielencki. If you haven’t seen it yet, you’re in for a treat!

Mike Aitken

I suppose it’d be safe to call this a bit of an Aitken week on our Daily Word. Two signature part updates and now his section from Electronical. Click Play and enjoy.

In other Aitken and team news, Mikey and Chase are both in the top 5 nominees in this year’s Nora Cup for best dirt rider. Chase is also in the running for Best ramp rider, along side Gary Young, and Terry Adams is in the mix for Flatland. If there was a category for best crankslides, JC would most likely take up all 5 top nomination slots. Click here for proof.

Slo Mo Montage

The Electronical uploads have been MIA lately so here’s another one to kick things back up. This is the slow-mo montage featuring our riders and friends.