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Tom Dugan
Aaron Ross:
How We Ball

Those guys at Empire don’t play around. Hit play to watch Aaron spin donuts in a Lambo and watch Tom Dugan spin a 360 over one.

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Texting is My Cardio

Yes! Chase and Dugan split video courtesy of Empire and Devon Hutchins. Love watching these 2, you should too.

[RE-UP] Viva La Revolucion Video

In case you missed it when it first dropped, here’s a re-up of the Odyssey / Empire Viva La Revolucion video featuring Aaron Ross, Tom Dugan, Sean Sexton and Tom Smith.

Dugan, Mat, Chase & Aaron:
Hoss’s House

Here’s a fun new edit from Empire / Devon. Tom Dugan, Chase Hawk, Aaron Ross and a whole crew of homies get awesome on a sweet backyard setup.

the age-old question which has vexed philosopher kings since the dawn of man: what really is best in life? is it to crush your enemies, see them driven before you, and to hear the lamentation of their women? or is it, as I believe, best to shred the gnar on a backyard ramp with your bros? you already know!

Tom Dugan:
Empire’s Bad Idea

Dugan’s full of brilliant ideas disguised as bad ones. That’s what makes him so awesome. Here’s his section from Empire‘s latest blockbuster hit. Click play, watch, re-watch and then watch it again just to be safe. Then after that, make sure to enter Collateral’s “Bare Walls” art contest.

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Tom & Aaron:
Argentina Vacation

Empire flew Tom Dugan, Aaron Ross and Kevin Porter out to Argentina recently and came back with some fresh footage. The raw clips of Tom at the demo in the beginning is amazing and some of the spots they got to ride down there looks like so much fun.

We were lucky enough to have the opportunity to send Tommy, Aaron, and Kevin to Argentina for a little rest and relaxation recently, and here is the fun as filmed/edited by Devon Hutchins. The crew was hosted by two amazing individuals, Aurora and Marcelo, and we can’t even begin to thank them enough for the generosity and hospitality. Argentina is an incredible place, and the boys said it was one of the best trips of their lives! Thanks Argentina, Empire BMX

Aaron Ross in France

Hit up (Empire’s blog) for Aaron’s latest video. Aside from doing a curved wall ride on the roof of a castle, he does a handful of other sweet stuff in this as well.

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The Monday Edit:
Bad Idea Premiere

Empire’s Bad Idea premiered this past weekend in Long Beach and Austin. Ride BMX was on location in LBC to capture the event. The video took over 4 years to produce but judging by everybody’s response, it was well worth the wait.

When you’re done watching the video, make sure to up Ride’s photo gallery of the event.

Bad Idea:
Long Beach Premiere

Quite possibly one of the most anticipated BMX films of this past decade, Empire‘s Bad Idea is finally complete. To celebrate, we’re sponsoring a premiere in Long Beach, CA. If you’re anywhere near the LBC, make sure to head over to the Art Theater and check it out.

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Empire’s Smoking the Bowl

Empire‘s new bowl is complete and they had members of the Empire, Etnies and Mutiny team come over to help break it in.