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Taj Mihelich Update

Taj Mihelich has an interview up on ESPN. He talks about what he’s been up to lately and discusses a little bit about the direction and progression of Fairdale. For those who don’t know, it began as ‘zine and quickly evolved into a new venture. Read the interview HERE and then add Taj on Facebook and Twitter.

Taj Mihelich Update

Taj Mihelich has been keeping himself pretty busy lately. Aside from keeping his Fairdale Zine updated with plenty of drawings and awesomeness, he’s also been working hard on getting some bikes made!

It’s something I’ve wanted to do for years and years and I think even my hardcore BMX-only friends will be able to relate to some of the motivation behind it.

Fairdale is the brand for all my friends who ask me what kind of bike they should get just for riding around town. In the past, I always struggled to find a good answer for them. So many bikes are too focused on racing, extremeness, trends, are dorky looking or just bogged down with too much flakey technology. On the other hand, BMX, with its simple functionality, has taught me that the technology of a bike rarely increases the fun of riding it.

Click HERE to check out the latest samples and then hit up ESPN for a quick write up!


Fairdale is a new zine that’s been cooking here at Odyssey. It’s master-minded by Taj Mihelich with a little help from Roscoe. Though it’s only been up for a few days, it already has an eclectic set of articles under its belt. Roscoe and Taj basically have free reign on Fairdale so make sure to bookmark it and sign up for its RSS feed. It’s hard to predict what those two will come up with!

You can also connect with Fairdale through Facebook, Twitter and Flickr.