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Beringer Pics!

S&M Bikes is on Flickr now and they have a collection of photos for a bunch of their riders. Above is Matt Beringer’s set and it has a good mix of riding and lifestyle shots. If you’re on Flickr, add S&M as a contact and while you’re at it, add us too! Oh and feel free to join the Odyssey Flickr Group as well.

A couple clips and some Flickr pics

Random Clip Of The Week :: Taj Mihelich from Channel 4Down on Vimeo

First up is a Taj Mihelich clip brought to you by 4Down Distribution.
After the link are more Jim Bauer action!

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Front and rear stoppies

FRAME: Eastern Harvester, 20.75″
FORK: Odyssey Freestyle
BARS: Odyssey Aaron Ross SpaceBar
STEM: Odyssey Elementary V3
HEADSET: Eastern
GRIPS: Odyssey Aaron Ross
BARENDS: Odyssey Par Ends
DETANGLER: Odyssey Gyro, GTX-R
HEADSET: Eastern
CLAMP: Integrated
SEATS: Odyssey Senior 2, Pivotal
CRANKS: Odyssey Twombolts, 175mm
SPROCKETS: Odyssey MDS, 30t
CHAIN: Eastern
BRAKES: Odyssey Evolver 2
CABLEs: Odyssey M2 upper, G3 Lower AND Slic Kable (front)
BRAKE LEVERS: M2, Med (right) AND Monolever, Med (left)
FRONT TIRE: Aitken, Klyte, 2.25″
REAR TIRE: Frequency G, 1.85″
FRONT HUB: GSport Marmoset, 36h
REAR HUB: GSport Ratchet, 36h
RIMS: Hazard Lites
SPOKES: Odyssey Aftermarket, Stainless
PEGS: Pleg prototypes
PEDALS: Twisted PC

Photo Caption #3

Photo Description #3

The last guessing game was a bit of a curve ball with most people guessing Aaron Ross or Terry Adams. If you were to look into a crystal orb (in this case, our Twitter account would be an adequate substitute), you’ll discover they actually belong to Mr. Adam Banton. We sent him a really bright parts kit and he’s done well with them. The black makes the colors pop like crazy and his new bike is looking dope. Check it out above (photos by Jeff Hall).

If you’re interested in stalking Adam, follow him on the Twitter and le Flickr.
The read more teleporter will take you to Adam’s 2003 Odyssey video part.
His Electronical part is on the way.

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Matt Beringer photo from the Odyssey Flickr Group (by Brown Town)

Terry Adams wallpaper at RideBMX.comStandard / Wide ) ( Soccer team in SLU? )

Grey Boy‘s Warchurch Project is currently live and kicking. The stream’s after the link.

Whose wheels are these?!

Here are a few things that popped up on the internet that you guys should check out. The last one doesn’t click out anywhere yet but it should be pretty easy to find with a little searching. There’s a full picture of his bike floating around somewhere…

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Sticker Contest:

Sticker Contest: Extended!
New Deadline: 11.01.08 (Mike G Photo in the background, by rilabetes)

We’ve received some fun entries for our Sticker Contest and have decided to extended it for another month. Along with the new deadline comes additional prizes. The winner will now get their choice of iPedals with matching Griswald Grips AND a pair of K-Lyte Folding Tires.

To win, all you have to do is stick an Odyssey sticker on something awesome. Post entries in our Flickr Group (if you don’t have Flickr, you can e-mail entries to

Click HERE for official rules. Read more to check out the current entries.

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‘Spy’ Photos

If you’re hip to the Odyssey Flickr Group, you may have noticed a couple GSport related photos that b dubbs posted…


Jaeknoebels uploaded the above pic of Chase Hawk into our Flickr pool, which you can check out bigger by clicking below. Chase has style all day long.

Thanks to everyone who has uploaded pics so far, we are psyched!!! The Flickr plug-in on the right is updating frequently.

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Matt watering the yard - jason.eichhorst
Matt watering the yard – uploaded by jason.eichhorst in the odysseybmx group in Flickr.

Odyssey is now on Flickr!!

We have setup an Odyssey page/photostream on Flickr, as well as a seperate public group where you can participate and add your “Odyssey related” pictures (as long as you are a Flickr member). Any photo that’s put in the group will show up at random in the Flickr box on the right side of this page. If you are not a member, you can still click on any of the pics to check them out.

You can find our Photostream HERE, and our group HERE. Mark us as a contact for another good way to stay in tune with what’s happening here, as most of the pics from this blog will show up in our photostream as well.

Below are some guidelines for the group and some more samples of what has already been added.
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