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Gum Team Grips!

Our classic Team Grips are now available in Gum. You know the drill, contact your shops and favorite mail-orders to get a pair!

Twisted PC in Gum & Clear

Twisted PCs are now available in Gum and Clear colors. These gum ones are the same ones that’s on the Aaron Ross Triple Shot bike! They come stock with red caps installed but a pair of black ones are included as well. Contact your local shops or favorite mail-orders to get a pair!

Gum Par Ends

We have a little update with our gum Griswalds. We just got a shipment in that has matching gum par ends so expect to see these gems to trickle down to your favorite shops and mail-orders soon!

Gum and Chocolate

Chase Hawk

We just re-stocked our Chase Hawk grip in gum and chocolate. We don’t recommend chewing on them but we do highly encourage putting them on your bars.