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Dude canoe with Hoang and Ron

Dude canoe with Hoang and Ron

I found a CD with a bunch of random photos in it and figured we might as well do a quick photo dump. I want to say most of them were shot on our way to Texas Toast last year.

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Hoang Tran:
Bike Check

Hoang Tran built a new bike up and Subrosa put together this video bike check, complete with fresh Hoang footage.

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Aaron, Dugan, Matthias, Kyle & Hoang at Simple Session

Aaron, Dugan, Matthias, Kyle & Hoang were all out at Simple Session and have some cool photos in Vincent Perraud’s photogallery on Defgrip. Check it out.

March Madness Warehouse Sale

Make sure to head over to our warehouse this Saturday (March 23rd) and get awesome deals on a TON of stuff. There’ll be free food, drinks, music, raffles and more. Tom Dugan, Hoang Tran, Gary Young, Garrett Reeves, Eric Lichtenberger, Kyle Hart, Tom Perry, Dirt Ron and Andrew Jackson are also going to be here so you know it’s going to be a good time.

Keep reading for the map!

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Hoang Tran:
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Here’s your new wallpaper featuring Hoang Tran partying in the deep end. Also, in case you can’t already tell by the photo, this pool is badass.

Photo by Justin Kosman.
First seen in The Albion.

Hoang Tran:
Warming up the Bench

If you ever get a chance to meet Hoang, he would easily end up on your list of favorite people ever. Talented on and off the bike, Hoang always has a positive attitude that keeps the party going. It’s a shame he got injured on a recent trip but on the plus side, it just means his photography will be getting more shine time. Get well soon!!!

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Hoang Tran’s Villicus Prime

Hit up Subrosa to get the full scoop on Hoang’s new frame and also check out which parts he’s running these days.

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Kyle & Hoang in BLNTD AZ

The Blunted Athletics crew recently took their first out of state trip to Arizona and came home with a new video for everyone to check out.

ATX Moto

We had been slacking on our TGIF series but we’re back this week with casual moto ride through one of Austin’s many bridges. This still was taken from our Holiday Softgoods video. It’s all available now through our online store, local bike shops and favorite mail orders. The full line is also available at Dan’s Comp.

Holiday 2012 Softgoods:

We dropped our Holiday 2012 Softgoods look book last week on Defgrip and now here’s a behind the scenes video of what went down during the shoot. Aaron Ross, Mike Aitken, Eric Lichtenberger, Tom Dugan, Hoang Tran, Tom Perry, Broc Raifrod, Matt Beringer, Mat Houck, Jared Swafford, Jean-Francois Boulianne, Terry Adams, Kyle Hart, Dirt Ron, Grant Germain and Jabari Winters were all with us to help make this one hell of a good a time.

Remember, these are all available NOW! Hit up your local shops, mail-orders and our online store to get some. The full line is also available at Dan’s Comp. USA dealers can pick up the line through Full Factory Distro.