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Chase Gouin in 2004

Chase Gouin
Chase Gouin interview and photos from 2004, by Jared Souney

Jared Souney just digitized a hefty 10,000 word interview with Chase Gouin. The interview touches on numerous topics and Chase’s answers were definitely in depth. It’s entirety never made it to print but thanks to Jared, you can now check out the full interview online. Grab a comfy chair, click the photo above and read away.

Dean, WTF?!

Dean Dickinson
Dean Dickinson, SHRALPIN’. Photo by Jared Souney (.com)

Dean Dickinson, the man with over 100 pools under his wheels, put together a jam this past weekend over at the Donald skatepark in Oregon. The park features a replica of the famous Nude Bowl and that’s where the majority of the shredding ensued. To help preserve the integrity of the pool coping, we donated a bunch of G-Sport Plegs. Dean’s carve photo above is bonkers and if you want to see more great pics and info from the jam, make sure to visit