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Mint Vandero

Our Vandero hubs are now available in Mint and GSport just released a mint Ratchet hub too. This means you can now build a bike that’s very similar to the Aaron Ross Triple Shot!

Mint Hazard Lites!

Mint Hazard Lites are in and available now!

To Brake or Not To?

Brain Tunney over at ESPN hit up Nuno Oliveira about the new Mint Brake kit we posted the other day. The mini-interview touches on things like why we’re still doing limited edition colorways for brakes and who on our team is still running them. Click HERE to read it!

Mint brake kit!

We have a bunch of Mint parts in stock (as seen on the Aaron Ross Triple Shot). You can now get our Evo 2 brakes and our Monolever in mint!

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Aaron Ross Triple Shot Contest

Enter to win the complete Aaron Ross Triple Shot package from Sunday, etnies and Odyssey. We all got together to create Aaron’s dream bike & matching BMX shoes, and now you can roll his same minty-fresh style! One grand prize winner will receive the complete set up from Sunday Bikes and Odyssey parts, along with the Etnies x Sunday Number Mid.

To enter the contest, watch all three videos ( Sunday / Odyssey / Etnies ) and answer the questions on

If you like the bike, available now is the Veteran Herringbone saddle and the Gum colored parts! Mint Green will be available soon!

the Aaron Ross triple shot

A bike with a matching shoe?! The black parts are available now and the gum and mint green parts will be trickling in throughout the summer!

Watch our cut of The Aaron Ross Triple Shot to check out what this is all about.