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Broc Raiford in HB

UPDATE: Make sure to click on over to our Vimeo page to download it to your desktop, phone or tablet.

BOOM. Here’s our latest installment of ODSY Vision with our boy Broc Raiford laying down some hammers all over Huntington Beach. Filmed and Edited by Francis Castro.

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Brandon Webster:
Canadian in Austin

Our own young Canadian shredder Brandon Webster made the trek down to a warm-but-welcoming Austin a couple of months ago to ride his bike outside and escape the brutal Toronto winter. As it turns out, it’s much warmer in Austin. Imagine that.

Filmed and edited by Walter Pieringer.
Music by Deer Tick.

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We loaded up Sean Sexton, Eric Lichtenberger, Grant Germain, and Mat Houck and made the trek to beautiful Phoenix, Arizona. There we found warm weather, plentiful spots, cool locals, good times, and bad rap music. Enjoy!

Grant Germain

It’s been a while since we last had an ODSY Vision but we’re coming in strong with Volume Two of our video series. To kick things off, we have Grant Germain’s Welcome to the Team edit. Hailing from Wantagh, NY on Long Island, he is one of our most recent (and youngest) additions to our team. At only 15 years old, Grant doesn’t even have his license yet and he’s already driving trucks off some big ledges.

Team Retreat:
Palm Springs MMXII

In case you guys missed it earlier this week on Defgrip, here’s a re-up of our latest ODSY Vision. The whole gang is in this one so make sure to hit that play button!

Terry & Aaron Mix:
The Sequel

Terry Adams & Aaron Ross are back for another adventure. This time, the duo cruises around Terry’s home state of Louisiana and team up on spots around the New Orleans, Baton Rouge and Hammond area. Words can’t even begin to express how much fun we had making this. Hope you guys enjoy it just as much! Happy Friday!!!

Welcome to the Team:
Broc Raiford

Broc Raiford’s a Louisiana youngin’ that’s sure to make some big moves in 2012. After meeting him at Texas Toast last year, his great attitude and natural talent earned him a spot on the team. This ODSY Vision marks Broc’s inaugural video part with us and he definitely delivered. Watch it above and then give him a quick shout on twitter @brocafloka.

Special thanks to Jon Rogers, Andrew Sanford, Chase Frickey and Brandon Gauthreaux for helping push the record button and hanging out!

Best of 2011

It was a tough task but we gathered up all of our favorite clips from every ODSY Vision this year and mixed it all into one action packed edit. As an added bonus, we even threw in a few fresh clips we had been saving.

Thanks to all of our riders and guest filmers/editors for helping make this video series one of the best. It’s been a great year and if this recap wasn’t enough, hit up to get full platter.

Travel Log:
Idaho and Montana

We have an extra special ODSY Vision for you guys this month. Mike Aitken and Tom Dugan hop into the Trans AM and travel through Idaho and Montana to hit up some concrete treasures.

Filmed and Edited by Joe Rich.

Travel Log:
New Mexico

Once upon a time in New Mexico, a handful of dudes in a giant van drove and flew thousands of miles in search of the perfect rail. With Jeff Z as the trusty tour guide, they discovered plenty of setups in a little sleepy town found in the state’s northern mountains. Justin Simpson, Gary Young, Sean Sexton and George Boyd were all aboard for the mission. Sean had the misfortune of piercing a giant hole in his knee within what was probably only 15 minutes of getting out of the van so he’s a little MIA in this video. Fortunately, our TM and all around shredder Jim Bauer was on hand to score some extra clips and annihilate the longest rail in sight. This is our latest ODSY Vision. Enjoy.

Make sure to pick up a copy of the latest Ride BMX to see even more photos and coverage.

Defgrip has a disposed gallery up as well that’s filled with behind the scene shots that Jim Bauer took.