OS-BMX Meet Recap

Product Placement!

The 2009 OS-BMX Meet happened this past Saturday. Our own Ben Ward won an awesome award for the Spike Bike and took home a crafty handlebar trophy. Our homies Greyboy and Truly Odd took home some trophies as well. Nuno has the throwback bike pics covered on Defgrip and Fat has a nice collection as well over at Ride BMX. Read more for miniature dogs, the Lord and a VW bus.

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kickin’ it old school

Ben’s Babies (L to R): Spike Jonez’ BMX, PK Ripper, Redline 700SL, 91 Elf Pro

We’re proud to announce we are now official sponsors of! Steve Brothers, the site owner, was kind enough to throw together some nice words for us and started up a couple threads announcing our new alliance. Approaching our 25 year anniversary in 2010, we are more than stoked to become part of one of the most highly regarded online communities for BMX history and old school parts preservation.

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OS BMX Jam 2009

It’s that time of the year again and this time, the festivities will be June 6th, 2009 in Arcadia, CA. If you live near the area or have some plane tickets handy, make sure to drop by. Bdubbs has some great classics that he’ll be bringing to the show. Read more for the full flyer and a video real of last year’s event. Visit and Old School BMX Society for a ride in the Delorean.

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