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Red Bull Dirt Pipe

WOW. This course looks amazing. Gary Young dipped down to Australia earlier this year to partake in this awesomeness. As an added bonus, he even took home the win for best wallride! Congrats, Mate!

Terry Adams on Glee

The episode of Glee that Terry Adams will be in is airing sometime after the Super Bowl on Sunday. Redbull has an interview up with him talking about the production. You can check that out over HERE. I guess the scene he was involved with took over 150 takes!

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Action Photography w/Terry Adams

Last week, Terry twittered (@terryadamsbmx) this video of him getting blinded by a bagillion flashes (we counted). If you happened to catch it and was wondering what it was all about, here’s your answer. Red Bull put together a sports photography workshop with Terry Adams as the dude in front of the camera. Click HERE to read the article.

Terry on a Barge

Terry Adams will be touring the coast of Florida this month with a handful of other Red Bull riders. They’ll be cruising in style on a giant barge! It should be pretty interesting so if you live in the area, hit up one of the 5 spots in the flyer!

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Eric & Aaron @ Red Bull Trick or Treat

Red Bull just announced the teams for this year’s Trick or Treat and it looks like Eric Lichtenberger and Aaron Ross are going to be teamed up. They both have tricks and both love treats so they should do pretty well in this!

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Terry Adams rolling through Southern Cali

Here’s another video of Terry hitting up some iconic spots in the colleges around southern California. This one’s particularly great because he talks about what’s it’s like doing the campus tour and some of the interactions he has with the students. As an added bonus, he even had the chance to session a famous Huntington Beach flatland spot!

Terry Adams @ NorCal Colleges

Here’s a fresh new video of Terry Adams rolling through some colleges up in NorCal!

Terry Adams Update

Photo by Marv Watson (Red Bull USA)

We haven’t had a Terry Adams update in a while so to make up for it, here’s a hefty one with photos, video and a list of demos where you can check him out in person!

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Terry talks about Fight w/Flight

Check out this in depth look at one of flatland’s largest events of the year. Redbull interviews the heavy hitters of the event and ground assassins like Terry Adams, Matt Willhelm and Matthiaas Dandois talk about the ins and outs and what it takes to be a part of it.

Terry’s Demo Schedule

Voodoo Pre-jam 2009

Terry’s going to be traveling around the country over the next 2 months and he has some Red Bull demos lined up on his schedule. Most of the demos are on college campuses so if you live in any of the following cities, keep an eye out for the Red Bull crew and Terry.

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