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In The Shutter w/Adam Banton

A crazy Phoenix sunset at the end a great day of riding trails. Derek Riggs and his dad build and ride here at their home. Long live BMX.

A glimpse of what’s inside Adam Banton’s digital camera.

Christmas time in Salt Lake means downtown is done up pretty nice on Temple Square. Near the LDS temple by the pioneer’s of Utah.
A 10 drive, loads of scenic roadway mountains and a changing landscape will make you wanna pull over every 20 minutes. Luckily I have that great 'point and shoot with out looking' eye.
I had this in a folder titled "Cruise Control Classics" my idea was to collect pictures of as many classic old cars driving on the Highways all over the country. Just for the sake of doing it. Now, realizing the cheesy title and how I only got one classic car, I'll spare you and drop the idea.
Not sure what state this is, but I was driving back to Utah from Ohio in October and you better be ready for any kind of weather. It was windy, and the bitter cold air made a cool (pun intended) arctic swirls on Highway 80.
Was in Asia for 4 days. Whirlwind of a great trip. The city is amazing, and the people. This was on the edges of the cities expansion on reclaimed land.
Phoenix locals getting the last days run on Derek Riggs trails.
I think this was Nora 09'. Walking over to the long line to get in, passing alot of friends and saying hi. I ran into the B.F. and Nuno eating a quick dinner. It looks like their some kinda Kings in a throne.
Mega Tour
My roommate and I were driving back up to the lodge while visiting Woodward West this past fall and I see this guy in full hunt mode. We stopped the car and I grabbed my camera. He wasn't afraid of us and if I'm not mistaken he seems to be staring directly into my camera.
Not sure if this is some lucky cross over Athlete or an established Euro driver, but it looks really fun. I'm jealous. It's pretty exciting standing that close to the cars tearing around the corners. Lucky.
This is in South Carolina. It's a skate plaza project. Used to be a refinery, I think? Surrounding the entire perimeter are piles of brick of what used to make up the buildings. The only thing left is the two smoke stacks. One has a tree growing on top. Rumor has it you can climb the inside and sit on top. No way in hell I'm doing that though.
I was in Phoenix over the winter. My friend Riley showed me this bank to ride. I didn't ride the bank, but instead snapped this in the leaves.

Adam’s always on the move and traveling all over the place. For the most part, he usually has a digital camera with him and we thought it’d be fun if he were to share a couple handful of photos from his past year of travels. From Salt Lake City to Singapore, here’s In The Shutter with Adam Banton.

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Mike Aitken
Photo by Keith Mulligan (

Mike Aitken
Photo by Skier J

The big news of the weekend is that style (and crazy 360 variations) beat out flips and whips at Dew Tour Dirt. Mike Aitken gets a well deserved first place spot on the podium.

For a full play by play and more photos of dirt finals, check out
Click HERE for video clips from the finals.
Aaron Ross
Photo by Jeff Z.
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JC Top 5 on Defgrip
Photo by Nuno

In other parts of the web, Jim Cielencki was in town for a handful of days last week and has a Top 5’s feature over on Defgrip. Ironically enough, Mike Dominquez was in our office last week too so JC can cross off one of the items in his “Top 5 People I’d Like to Meet” list.

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