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Ride BMX Cover Montage

One of the coolest obstacles we had in the street course this year was Ride’s “Fake Cover” wallride. It was a nod to the May 2006 Ride cover that Gary Young had. Aside from the stunting that went down on it (Rob Wise’s Beringer stall to 270 out is no joke), the amount of work that had to go into hand-painting this thing was a feat in itself.

Make sure to click on over and check out the rest of Ride’s #TexasToast2013 coverage too.

Street Finals
Vital BMX Video

Video from Vital BMX

Vital BMX just uploaded their clips from the street finals. Make sure to hit that play button to check out different angles and clips other videos may have missed.

PRO Street
Ride BMX Galleries

2013 Texas Toast Course Street Finals

Van Homan / Photo from Ride BMX

There are a TON of photos on from the street course of this year’s #TexasToast2013.

Click HERE for photos from qualifying.
Click HERE for photos from finals.

PRO Street
TCU Video

Video from The Come Up

Here’s a video from The Come Up with more mayhem happening at the street course. Zack Gerber’s 360 was bbbbooooooooonnnnnnnnnnnnnkkkkkkkkkkkeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrs.

PRO Street
Ride BMX Video

Videos from Ride BMX

Ride BMX is on top of their #TexasToast2013 coverage. Here’s a double feature of what happened in the street course during qualifying and finals.

Vital BMX Gallery

Clint Reynolds

Clint Reynolds / Photo from Vital BMX

First off, Clint is badass. Not only did he help build the dirt jumps but he slayed them humps as well. Here’s him cranking a 360 un-lookback during finals. Make sure to hit up Vital BMX for the full gallery.