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Yawn Jam:
June 30th

Y.A.W.N. is throwing a jam at the Bicycle Source this Sunday. If you ain’t there, then you ain’t nowhere.

Also, it case you didn’t notice, those ramps spell out YAWN!

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Bicycle Source Grand Opening

The store is located in Anaheim, Ca near Disneyland, the store is a core BMX shop that features top name brands of bikes, apparel, and more. We also will be hosting major events throughout the year like art/photography exhibits, live music events, car shows, video and product premiers by major BMX companies, and more at the store. The store also features a lounge with a large format video projection screen, iconic vintage bike displays, and indoor ramps for private sessions.

The Bicycle Source

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Mike Buff Tribute Bike

This bike is put together by The Bicycle Source and is up for auction to benefit Ride For a Reason, an organization to help raise funds for cancer and Parkinson’s research.

The Bicycle Source is holding a fund raising auction to benefit Ride for a Reason (cancer and Parkinson’s research). The retro PK Ripper replica above has an old school look but has a lot of our new goodies to keep it riding solid.

To place bids on it, CLICK HERE.

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bike candy

All the parts are available separately.

Front Hub: Vandero 2
Rear Hub: Cassette 3
Spokes: Odyssey
Nipples: G-Sport Taper Hex
Rim: G-Sport Rollcage
Tires: Aitken Tanwalls, Red

It’s not really a full bike check but it is a close-up look at a CUSTOM wheelset Ben Ward built up for Steve Blackey of Gravity Powered Vehicles and The Bicycle Source. Though you can’t buy it as a complete wheelset, all parts are available separately: