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Ron’s Dirty C-Bad session

The Daily Rotter just sent over this new edit of Dirt Ron riding the Carlbad skatepark. It’s short, sweet and has plenty of leg swinging action.

Gary and Mr. T

Gary Young and Mr. T
Tuesday Toss Up w/Gary Young on The Daily Rotter

I pitty da foo’ who don’t read the Juice Man’s Q&A on da Daily Rotter. My belt is tight. -Mr. T

Fumbles & Tumbles

Alex clocked in some footy with his Canon point & shoot and slapped together this quick edit of him and Dirt Ron sessioning a cement launchy. Keep your eye on The Daily Rotter for your daily dose of photoshop captioning goodness.

Ratchet Hub Guard review

Ratchet Hub Guard

The Daily Rotter has a review up of our Ratchet Hub guard. It’s not available in stores yet but it is on its way. Give it a few months and you’ll be able to battle Steven Seagal with confidence. Check the review for more pics and a larger version of the image above.