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Catty Jam 2009

Catty Jam

On November 1st, there’ll be a trail jam going on at Catty in PA. A $10 raffle ticket will buy you chances to win some goodies and if you feel like going for the distance, you can enter the long jump comp for another $10. The money goes towards Ben K of Austin to help with some medical bills and the winner gets a bag full of goods plus an Odyssey rear wheel!

Chase Hawk photo…

This photo of Chase Hawk popped up on Flickr today and it’s crazy looking. Shot by Gregory R. Dickson, you can see it in full over at the Odyssey Flickr Group. If you’re wondering about the wheels he’s rolling in the photo, it’s these guys.


catty woods from janis on Vimeo.

Our boys at Catty trails need some help keeping their scene going. You can read all about it on PA Woods.

Odyssey will be flowing some goods for the contest to raise some money. If you can make it down, please do (you will have fun too).

Chase hawk even put in a call. Spread the word.

New Taj Photos

Taj Mihelich - Grizz
Photos by Dave Reuss
There are some new photos of Taj in the photo gallery. Feel free to either check it out there or here. View More


Lately I’ve been helping out my boy Ronnie Gaska with some parts, which is awesome since he’s one of the people I looked up to from back in the day on Long Island. The race scene might remember G-Man, but he was always smooth at the trails too, and still is.

Above is a recent pic of Ronnie at the Trails on Long Island, shot by Dave from Panamoka.

Check out more random pics at F*CKBMX too.