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It Only Takes Once

Some of the clips in this are pretty hard to watch but it’s good seeing it though since it really puts into perspective how just one crash can really affect your life. Mikey’s been through a lot this past year and this video takes you through his highs and lows. His road to recovery continues to progress and you can trail along at While there, make sure to hit up the Vigilantia section. It’s a great way to rock some cool threads while showing support for one of BMX’s largest inspiration and influence.

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Printing the Internet

Mags (and other stuff): Ride UK, Freestylin’,, Dig BMX, BMX Plus! and Ride BMX.

Terry Adams, mid-trick at the Twilight Contest in Athens, GA. (Photo: ScoutATL)

The title doesn’t really make much sense but whatever. Here’s a fairly hefty update from internet land and the real world. One of the big news of the weekend is Terry Adams won another flatland comp. This time it’s the Twilight Contest. Visit Global-Flat for more info. There’s a 2 minute edit of the event after the read more link.

The other recent big news is there’s a Vigilantia preview over at Things are moving and they should be available very soon. Outside of Vigilantia, Mike’s recovery is moving forward and it looks like he’s on the road to getting his full vision back! Full details over at his site.

Read more for a break down of some awesome things we found in the mags pictured above. Oh and when you’re done, check out Krt Schmidt‘s bike! All sorts of radness going on; f&r stoppies, chromies and posties. Plus, the write up he did to go along with it will get you even more stoked on riding.

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Clean Ron

First up is a video of Mike Aitken, smiling large, hopping curbs and pulling 180s. Its so good seeing him on a bike again. Keep up with for the latest news. Also, Vigilantia is still moving forward. If you’re interested in becoming a distributor, send them an e-mail.

Next up is Dig’s Rapid Response with Jim Cielencki. He lives in a drinking town with a football problem?!

Third is Clean Ron of Give D! Front stoppies in full effect and right when you think he’s going to throw a barspin, he’ll kick out a candy bar instead.

Vigilantia and a KC Badger interview

Here are a couple more updates from around the web. The first one is the new Mike Aitken Vigilantia trucker hat that you could buy over at 5050bmx. You could get more info about Vigilantia and updates on Mike Aitken’s recovery over at The second one is a KC Badger interview over at Over there, you can learn more about KC and even check out some of his art.

Mike Aitken’s Vigilantia

Mike Aitken\'s Vigilantia
Mike Aitken’s new clothing company. Click HERE for more details. got a little bit of a facelift. There’s now a video and photo gallery you can view. And of course, it’s still the place for the latest news on Mikey’s recovery. It looks like he’s continuing to improve and showing no signs of slowing down. He’s even started up a new clothing company called Vigilantia.