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Odyssey & Sunday at Woodward

Tom Dugan, Broc Raiford, Justin Spriet, and Gary Young headed to Woodward with Sunday riders Jake Seeley and Alec Siemon for a week of ripping ramps and plazas and chillin’ with rad campers and staff. The boys took full advantage of the world-class facilities camp has to offer and came back with five minutes of killer footage…. Huge thanks to Woodward for taking such good care of us and to everybody we chilled with out there! We gotta make it back for sure…

Woodward East!

We’ll be at Woodward East on July 18-24, will you?

Gary Young:
Woodward at Copper Remix

Woodward’s renovation at Copper turned out amazing and you can bet that Gary made good use of all the new ramps!

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Adam Banton:
Day in the Life

From eating a bunch of grilled cheese sandwiches, riding mechanical bulls, jamming out on guitar and riding bikes, here’s Adam’s Day in the Life at Woodward West.

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Chase Hawk @WoodWardCamp

Chase spent some time out in Woodward recently and you can bet he brought some steeze with him. Here are some photos from the good folks at Woodward. Go follow them on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram!

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Broc Raiford:
Woodward VIP

Broc Raiford and Jermiah Smith spent some time at Woodward recently and teamed up to put together this edit filled with great riding.

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Broc Raiford:
Woodward Photos

Broc‘s been hanging out at Woodward this past week and Jeff Brockmeyer shot some rad photos of him and a handful of fellow campers the other night. You can check them all out at

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Adam’s Trick Fix

Adam Banton has always been known for coming up with some creative tricks and lines on his bike and this quick edit from Ride BMX is a good reminder of that.

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PUSH ME! Aaron Video…

This one time, Aaron Ross went to Woodward and broke his chain. If you don’t believe me, you can watch the video above for proof. Oh and he learned how to board slide, too.

New Taj Photos

Taj Mihelich - Grizz
Photos by Dave Reuss
There are some new photos of Taj in the photo gallery. Feel free to either check it out there or here. View More