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Congrats Gary!!!

Gary Young with a huge alleyoop

Chase Hawk with a 270 transfer

X-Games Park finals is over now and Gary ended up taking home the Bronze medal! The duo both ended up tweaking their knees a bit but they pulled some incredible lines and transfers before it all ended. Congrats guys and get well soon!

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X-Games 2010

X-Games 2010 is underway and park prelims just got done wrapping up. We’re psyched to announce that Chase Hawk and Gary Young both qualified for finals!

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Gary at X-Games!

Ride BMX just uploaded this sweet edit of Gary Young cruising around the X-Games Park course. It looks like there’s some sweet lines and obstacles there this year and as always, Gary’s putting them all into good use!

Chase Hawk Interview

Photo by Sandy Carson

Chase Hawk has a photogallery and interview up on ESPN. In it, he talks about various things ranging from every day life to what it’s like riding at the X-Games. Speaking of which, they opened up the Super Park course recently and he and Gary Young have been out there getting the most out of it.

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Subterranean Homesick Blues

I promise this will be our last X-Games 15 related post and guarantee you’ll like it more than the others. Here’s a little highlight reel featuring Gary Young, Chase Hawk and Aaron Ross. Although Aaron didn’t make it into the street finals, he still managed to throw down some of the hardest tricks of the day. Chase blasted around like usual and boosted one of the largest 180s ever and Gary Young plunged into the deep end as a setup to one of the park’s hardest transfer lines. Click play, then clap.

Congrats Gary!!!

X-Games Park finals happened this afternoon and Gary Young flowed the course so well that he didn’t even have to go upside down to get on the podium! He rode the course how it was meant to be ridden, with creative lines and fluid smoothness, earning him a spot in the top 3. Needless to say, everyone here at Odyssey is very happy for him. Congrats Gary!!!

extreme games fifteen

The big news from yesterday is Gary Young qualified 1st in X-Games park and Chase Hawk qualified 5th! They both flowed the course fast and boosted high. You can check out some clips of their runs in the video above from

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Aaron Ross:
3rd in Mexico

Aaron Ross
Uprail 180 –

Word on the interweb ( is that Aaron Ross took third place in the Mexico City X-Games. MUY BUENO!

EDIT: Video of the street finals after the jump.

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Chase Hawk and Gary Young made Superpark finals, congrats to them. Hit up Ride BMX for more results. Now we wait until tomorrow…

Below are few pics from our man on the scene (Jim Bauer).

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Below are some more random pics that Bauer took yesterday during street qualifying. Unfortunately, Aaron didn’t make it, but you can check out Ride BMX for some of the wildness that went down.

That’s Ben and Levan up top. Jimmy is one of the judges.

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