Flow / Markus Hoyte

Markus Hoyte is a mild mannered Brooklyn local who’s originally from the Caribbean island of Barbados. Markus stays busy making use of the NYC streets and has ties to Meseroll bike shop as well as the AMPM crew. The man’s tire ride skills are a truly a site to behold!

New Video – FEAST

It’s time to FEAST! Enjoy over 15-minutes of the Odyssey crew with dedicated parts from Boyd Hilder, Santi Laverde and Mikey Andrews. This is definitely a full course meal… sides from Tommy Dugan, Tallon Pemberton, Takato Ueda, Markus Hoyte, Aryei Levenson, Johnny Raekes, Gary Young, Dennis Enarson, Hilario Olivos, Devin Burks, Justin Spriet, Jarren Barboza, and Aaron Ross.

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