International / Yuta Kurise

From Japan.
Via Motocross International.

Yuta made his first pro contract with a mountain bike brand in 1995 at age 13. He is unique in the Japanese cycling scene in the sense that he is the only rider who has been racing and dirt jumping in the top ranks in both BMX & MTB. At age 20, he became the 1st 4cross Champion in All-Japan MTB series and he competed in the World Championship for the following 4 years in a row.

He also currently works as a field advisor for Fujimi Pnorama Ski Resort that is considered to be the mecca for MTB in Japan and runs the different MTB course as the largest in the country. Yuta designed and constructed their 4cross and dirt jump courses himself. He has been constantly producing and organizing many races, events and schools at Fujimi for the past several years.